I'm Jeaneen, The Write Executive, and I work with online entrepreneurs, providing key tools, tips and trainings to help grow their Virtual Assistant or other online Business. 

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Let's be clear... you are running a business and you need to be clear on your goals, your means of execution. Learn the bare-bones of what you need to Start Right Where You Are with what you have.

Start Where You Are

SWYA: Get What You Need

You think you have to figure it all out BEFORE you start, meanwhile, you don't even know what you actually NEED to start. 

SWYA: Get What You Need, is aimed at providing you with the information and access to the tools you need to build a strong foundation from which you will launch a successful business venture.

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Here you'll find a collection of tools and resources to level up your business at your own pace.



Here you will find mentoring videos and trainings to help you start your virtual assistant business and encourage you on your entrepreneurial journey.



Check out the blog for quick tips, reviews an advice on what's trending in business.

A bit about me...


Jeaneen Thomas

Hi guys 👋🏼. I'm Jeaneen, a Native New Yorker & owner of The Write Executive, and I'm dedicated to helping aspiring Virtual Assistants and Online Business Owners learn, incorporate and establish successful business practices.

I've been providing Virtual Assistant Services for a number of years but developed my skills in the office, working in both the non-profit and corporate environments. I've worked with Authors, Speakers, Small Business owners, CPAs, and other busy entrepreneurs, specializing in creating and implementing administrative systems that will facilitate the overall flow of business. 

A quick bit about me:

👉🏼  Non-negotiable: Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 & Coffee ☕ (in that order)

👉🏼  My greatest accomplishment: Raising a strong, compassionate, healthy citizen of this world, my beloved Dacia. 👩‍👧💅🏼💓  

👉🏼 Most memorable vacation: Bermuda, high tea with the former first lady and her family. 🍵🥐

👉🏼  Favorite place to unwind: Early mornings on the beach 🌊