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You will not be billed until accepted into the program.

Are you ready to launch your business and need some help with finding and landing clients?

Join the group... Program starts August, 2019

Having a mentor is one of my top 5 Must Haves When Starting your Own Business.

As luck would have it my first real Virtual Assistant client was a Virtual Assistant. 😍 She was amazing and mentored me for almost a year. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

And I am committed to paying that experience forward. Apply to be a part of this 4 week journey which will kickstart your client roster.

To get started, simply fill out the application. You will not be charged until you have been selected and a registration link will be sent to you.


What's Included

Here's an overview of what you'll receive as part of this 4-week program.

This coaching program will be hosted in a private Facebook group.


We will be jumping right into the heart of finding clients from the start, but we're not stopping there.

Each week will highlight:

👉🏽 VA RFPs

👉🏽 Learning materials (webinar, eBook, etc)

👉🏽 Live Q&A

👉🏽 Feedback from your groupmates

👉🏽 and more...

You will not be billed until accepted into the program.

Week 1: Your Unique Selling Point

In week 1 we will jump right into it. We will focus on selecting key platforms where we have the best chance of finding paying clients. We'll discuss our USP and start submitting to Requests For Proposals.

Week 2: Your Ideal Client Profile

As we work to find clients, we will explore new avenues to reach clients by being proactive in our search. We'll also begin to narrow in on who exactly we are looking to work with.

Week 3: Your Proposal

As we start to collect the data on our whom we want to serve, the specific services we are most proficient in and that our clients need, we will draft a proposal template to expedite our submissions. We will also begin to discuss finding clients on Social Media - the where, when and how (much).

Week 4: Value Docs

Now that we have all of the information about our usp, our ICP and the services we wish to provide, we will build our value docs and learn tips on interviewing clients. We will conclude the coaching session with tips for using Social Media to attract clients to your business page.

You will not be billed until accepted into the program.

What's Included

Here's an overview of what you'll receive as part of this 4-week program.

This 4 Week Intensive consists of:

👉🏽 Four (4) weeks of group coaching

👉🏽 Two (2) -one (1) hour 1-on- calls
👉🏽 Unlimited email support/feedback 
👉🏽 Advice on systems and platforms

👉🏽 Help with service ideas
👉🏽 Homework to reinforce learning objectives

👉🏽 Resource Guides

You will not be billed until accepted into the program.

How and how much?

$40 per person

 Getting Started

I will only be accepting 10 people into this group cycle.


To get started, you simply fill out an application form. Please note, not all applicants will be accepted into the mentorship program. You will NOT be billed at this time.

I will review your application and send you a letter with next steps, including a link to make your first payment, schedule your first meeting and some questions to help us get started.


You will not be billed until accepted into the program.

$40 one-time fee


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be have a Virtual Assistant Business to participate?
You do not have to have a Virtual Assistant business to benefit from this program, all online entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply.
When is the payment due?
You will not be billed until you are accepted into the program. Payment is due prior to our first meeting.  
What if I haven't launched my business yet? Should I still apply?
This program is suitable for entrepreneurs at any level of business development. 
Are there any special skills or requirements needed to join the program?
There are no special skills required to join the program. You will need a computer and high-speed internet access to participate in weekly meetings.
How will I know if I'm accepted into the program?
You will receive immediate notification via email that your application has been submitted and is under review. You will receive notification of acceptance within a week.
How soon can we start?
This program is schedule to begin in early August 2019.
What days and times are available for one-on-one calls?
Participants have access to my calendar. Typically, I offer Monday - Friday, morning, afternoon and evening hours. Weekend slots are available, but usually go quickly.

You will not be billed until accepted into the program.

About me


The Write Executive

Jeaneen Thomas

Hi guys 👋🏼. I'm Jeaneen, a Native New Yorker & owner of The Write Executive, and I'm dedicated to helping aspiring Virtual Assistants and Online Business Owners learn, incorporate and establish successful business practices.

I've been providing Virtual Assistant Services for a number of years but developed my skills in the office, working in both the non-profit and corporate environments. I've worked with Authors, Speakers, Small Business owners, CPAs, and other busy entrepreneurs, specializing in creating and implementing administrative systems that will facilitate the overall flow of business.