5 Virtual Assistant Business Must-Haves

It is never too late to turn that passion and entrepreneurial spirit into a viable business. Thousands of people are launching new businesses every year and particularly in the Virtual Assistant Industry. Having a checklist is a good way to start your business.

In this article, we outline some of the things you need to get started:

1. Knowledge of VA Industry

A virtual Assistant is self-employed and works remotely. Are you clear on the services or

products you want to offer? Do you know what skills are required? Are you familiar with common practices within the industry?

2. Business Plan

A business plan outlines your steps to success and defines your action plan. There are 5 key areas that help to achieve that:

  • a) Your business idea - What is your business all about? Why is it important to your intended clientele? Describe its key features and benefits and in a meaningful way.

  • b) What will customers buy from you? – Outline the specific products and services. You can

  • put them in categories and their pricing.

  • c) Market segmentation - Who is your target audience? What is the number of customers

  • you intend to reach? How will you reach them? How will you turn prospects into paying

  • customers?

  • d) Business management - Do you have a management team? If what role will each team member play? If no, will you need to hire? When and for what roles?

  • e) Financial details -  How much investment are you putting into the business set up. Describe all the expenses until at a time when you can start making a profit.

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3. Website

A website is a strong marketing tool. As a beginner, you can choose to use Wix Website

builder -

  • a) It is user-friendly

  • b) It has a collection of templates for small projects

  • c) Flexibility in setting it up

  • d) Competitive pricing policy with regular discounts.

4. Dedicated email

Gmail is the most common webmail service for creating an email account. A dedicated Gmail account presents a professional environment -

  • a) It’s convenient

  • b) Ease of organization, reading and storing email

  • c) Easy to customize

  • d) Has spam management and malware protection

  • e) It is a free service.


Entrepreneurship has its peaks and valleys. It can be a lonely walk at times. So often, I read posts about new entrepreneurs dealing with family and friends that are not supportive. You have to wake up with confidence in your ability to run and grow a successful business... every single day.

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I welcome any questions you have about getting started so feel free to drop them in the comments.

See you at the top.

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