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Starting a business takes time, money, sweat equity, knowledge and wisdom. And I know it can be overwhelming. 

You think you have to figure it all out BEFORE you start, 
you don't even know what you actually NEED to start.

I remember that feeling and so I’ve put together a great new Online Course - Start Where You Are: Get What You Need - to help New and aspiring online business owners navigate the journey. 

Part 1 of this free 3-series, self paced webinar

walks you through the things you absolutely NEED to start your business

Volume 1 Curriculum

The 10-module course: 

- Choosing a Business Name

- Laptop, Desktop or...?

- Getting Paid

- Entrepreneur or Employee

- Workspace

- Your Service List

- Client Communication

- Contracts

- Your Top 5

- Your Secret Sauce

PLUS 46-page workbook to reinforce learning objectives.

SWYA (8)_imac2013_front.png
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Disclaimer - This presentation will give you actionable steps to start and grow your online business. Results are not guaranteed. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved.