Having a mentor is one of my top 5 Must Haves When Starting your Own Business.

As luck would have it my first real Virtual Assistant client was a Virtual Assistant. 😍 She was amazing and mentored me for almost a year. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

And I am committed to paying that experience forward.



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Looking for tools & support to grow your VA Business as a Business?

Join the Write Academy

Are you ready to launch your business and stuck in the planning phase? Need some help with execution steps to get started?

Is your client queue filled and you're looking for ways to grow and expand? Need help with strategizing the next steps?

Or are you just looking for specific advice and feedback that is related to your Virtual Assistant business?

Join the Write Academy

If you are willing to put in the work, you will:

👩‍💻Develop key strategies to grow your business

👩‍💻 Practice and learn key industry tools 
👩‍💻 Implement the key Industry Practices 
...and a ton of other things

I promise to help provide the support you need to grow your business 

As Your mentor I:
👉 will be someone you trust
👉 have experience in your field/industry
👉 will do my best to provide opportunities for you to grow in your field
👉 help you navigate the terrain


Receive exclusive weekly mentoring messages that address the issues you submit

Receive weekly tips and trainng on tools, platfrorms and processes that are directly related to the Virtual Assistant industry


Get notifications on RFPs, as available


Exclusive, free access to select pre-launch trainings

Exclusive discounts on digital products

Quick F.A.Q.s

Do I have to have a Virtual Assistant Business to participate?
You do not have to have a Virtual Assistant business to benefit from this program, all online entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply.
What if I haven't launched my business yet? Should I still apply?
This program is suitable for entrepreneurs at any level of business development. However, if this is your first business endeavor, I suggest you enroll in the VA Startup Intensive Program
Are there any special skills or requirements needed to join the program?
There are no special skills required to join the program. You will need a computer and high-speed internet access to participate in weekly meetings.
Do you offer one-on-one mentoring?
I do offer to mentor to Virtual Assistants who have joined the Write Academy. Information on how to request one-on-one mentoring is sent to participants shortly after joining. The goal is to see if we are a fit before we move forward.
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A Bit About Me


The Write Executive

Jeaneen Thomas

Hi guys 👋🏼. I'm Jeaneen, a Native New Yorker & owner of The Write Executive, and I'm dedicated to helping aspiring Virtual Assistants and Online Business Owners learn, incorporate and establish successful business practices.

I've been providing Virtual Assistant Services for a number of years but developed my skills in the office, working in both the non-profit and corporate environments. I've worked with Authors, Speakers, Small Business owners, CPAs, and other busy entrepreneurs, specializing in creating and implementing administrative systems that will facilitate the overall flow of business.